HowTo WorkAdventure

On this page we are trying to explain how we built the world and collect resources how you can build your own world.

Software used

The software we used is called workadventure, you can find the sourcecode at github.

Setting up an own server

The software is built to run in docker and comes with a docker-compose file, but currently it is not as easy as just bringing it up with docker-compose up as the readme states.

Step-by-step guide

As the software changes very fast we can't provide an always up to date howto, but there is an issue mentioning some of the steps necessary as well as a pad trying to build such a guide. They are also working on easing the deployment. provides a pretty comprehensive install guide.

Community forks

There are several community forks, trying to ease deployment or integrating stale MRs:

There is also a fork trying to build a federated version: